Welcome to these web pages on programming and using MVS 3.8J. I have written these to hopefully help newcomers become acquainted with MVS. I write from a business programmer perspective because my career has been programming in the business environment.

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  1. Getting MVS 3.8j Turnkey TK4-
  2. Getting wc3270 Terminal Emulator
  3. Installing wc3270 Terminal Emulator
  4. Installing and Running MVS 3.8j
  5. Logging In to/Out of MVS 3.8j
  6. Shutting down MVS 3.8j from TSO
  7. Overview of Using TSO RFE Application
  8. Adding a User
  9. Creating Datasets
  10. JCL Overview
  11. Creating and Running your First Cobol Program
  12. Creating and Running your First Assembler Program
  13. Creating and Running your First Fortran Program

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