1. Get TK4- MVS Sofware
  2. Get wc3270 Terminal Emulator
  3. Install wc3270 Terminal Emulator
  4. Install and Run MVS 3.8j
  5. Logging In to/Out of MVS 3.8j
  6. Shutting down MVS 3.8j from TSO
  7. Using TSO RFE Application
  8. Adding a User
  9. Creating Datasets
  10. JCL Overview
  11. Your First Cobol Program
  12. Your First Assembler Program
  13. Your First Fortran Program
  14. Your First PL/1 Program

Installing the WC3270 Softare

After you have downloaded the WC3270 emulator you need to install it on you system. The end result will be you will be able to execute the software. If you use Microsoft Windows a group will exist in your start window under 3270. You need to run the Session Wizard to setup a connection. When you run the Session wizard the following window will be displayed:

Select 1 to create a new session. If you are creating a second session or updating your first session you will have the following window displayed:

If you select to create a new session, the following screen is displayed:

Enter a name for you session. In this example we are using mvs-mainframe. After you press enter, the following screen is displayed.

Enter hostname if there is one or the ip-address if there isn't. If you are running mvs on the machine you will be running wc3270 then you will Otherwise enter the ip address of the machine you are connecting to. When you press enter, the following screen will be displayed:

This screen allows you to specify the port on the computer running TK4-. MVS 3.8j uses port 3270 for connections so unless there is another reason use port 3270. After you have entered the port the following screen should be displayed:

This screen allows you to change a number of different settings. MVS uses port 3270 for connections so change option 3 to 3270. Another entry you might want to change is #4 Model Number and #21 for font size.

When you are through making changes the program will ask you if you want to create the session file and create or replace a desktop shortcut. It will the display the following screen:

Enter 8 to quit. You now have the 3270 emulator configured to connect to you TK4- system.