1. Get TK4- MVS Sofware
  2. Get wc3270 Terminal Emulator
  3. Install wc3270 Terminal Emulator
  4. Install and Run MVS 3.8j
  5. Logging In to/Out of MVS 3.8j
  6. Shutting down MVS 3.8j from TSO
  7. Using TSO RFE Application
  8. Adding a User
  9. Creating Datasets
  10. JCL Overview
  11. Creating Cobol Copybook
  12. Your First Cobol Program
  13. Your First Assembler Program
  14. Your First Fortran Program
  15. Your First PL/1 Program

Shutting Down MVS From TSO or the Console

There are various times when you might want to shutdown MVS. It is important that you shut it down gracefully. Otherwise you can have problems booting it back up. There two ways of shutting down MVS. Which one you use is up to you.

Shutdown from a Terminal

If you are logged in as an admin, you can get to the TSO menu and enter shutdown followed with logging off of the system.

Shutdown from the Console

To shutdown from the console, logoff of the system. Then at the console enter
'/s shutdown' and press the enter key.

Once you have initiated the shutdown, it can take up to five minutes to completely shutdown.